Review Policy

This blog is purely the work of Lexia Barzane (correct as at 28th December 2010).

This blog is primarily used to catalogue my love of SL fashion. I will style my shot around a specific look or item and therefore the outfit is always as important for me.

The author of this blog does accept items to be blogged. If you would like me to review an item please send it to me in world and send an IM to confirm.

I credit the majority of each outfit I wear and will always credit your work if I choose to blog it.

I do reserve the right not to blog an item if it does not fit with my personal style, however I do like to vary my look so may find that I wear something I had never considered before 🙂

My photos are a mix of old and new items from Second Life and you may find that I do not blog your item for a while.

If you would like me to inform you when I have blogged your item please let me know when you send it through. Also if you would like to use one of my photos in your store please let me know and I will send you through a copy.

Thank you 🙂

Lexia ♥

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