Photography by Lexia Barzane

If you choose Photography by Lexia Barzane I will provide you with a friendly intimate photographic service which will begin with discussing the style of image you would like to be produced, the selection of an appropriate location and poses, editing style.

I have a variety of different poses which can be used for photographs of all styles including male, female, group, couples plus a fully operational photo studio.

I am happy to meet with and take photos with you in any location at home or away and eventually plan to develop a studio area where I can build your dream location to take photos all in one place.

Now for the important bit the price list!

One photo $300L
Two photos $500L
Three Photos $750L
Four Photos $900L
Five Photos $1000L

If more than five photos are required then each photo will be charged at $200L per shot.

For each additional person there will be a charge of $50L and each photo can be sent to every person in the shot(s).

If you are interested in our service please send me a note card in world with your requirements or an email to and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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