Thank You!

Today I ventured in to the world of mesh (I know I am a bit slow).

I have tried a few items on using Firestorm Viewer and quite liked them but keep thinking is there much point when lots of people don’t have the viewer and you end up walking round with some weird shape on your middle!

However having looked through a mesh group on Flickr and reading through some blogs today I decided to take the plunge and plan an outfit using mesh clothes. As a result from the outfit below the only things that aren’t mesh are my skin and eyelash tattoos (when I do something I go for it all the way!).

I really like the look although it is a little odd wearing the “larger” sizes on my usually quite petite frame but I am definitely a lot keener on mesh now and will be encouraging people to change to a mesh viewer or saying sod it and just wearing the beautiful new clothes that are being released all the time.

I also wanted to say a little thank you to all of my readers. As of today I have had just over 10,000 views to my blogs in little over a year and I couldn’t be happier :-). I know some blogs get a lot more views than that but it’s nice to think that other people do like reading what I have to say and to check out the looks I have put together.

Here’s to another 10,000!

The Arty Shot

The Look

The Outfit
Dress: MONS / mesh – Long Dress Vintage cream
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Bambi Mesh Hair – Chocolate
Shoes: Leverocci – Paccai_Sock_Orchid (mesh)
Skin: (AMD) GiGi – Peachy
Eyelashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoos

About lexiabarzane

I'm from the UK, living in Australia but currently residing in Second Life! Love photography, shopping and spending time with my friends. Blogging my way around Second Life one outfit at a time!
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