Project 365 Day Two Hundred and Eighty Three

On Facebook I am a member of the Urban Couture Fashionista group. The group is full of awesome bloggers and allows us to share our work 🙂

The group decided to have a weekly challenge and each week, the challenge is to put together a look representing a country starting with the letter we choose.

We are starting with the letter A. So, we are each finding a country that begins with A, putting togethera look and blogging it. We will continue each week until we reach the end of the Alphabet!

I chose Australia as this is the home of my lovely boyfriend!

I had a think about what clothes represent Australia and after considering and rejecting a bikini or similar I popped to d.Select and spotted this yellow top with the green stripes and it got me thinking that green and gold/yellow are the colours of the Australian sports teams.

My boyfriend often tells me that in the Northern Territory where he lives the women mainly wear shorts and a vest and so I figured I would embrace that look with the help of my *Linc* mini skirt.

I am wearing the new release Pollon Tan skin from Al Vulo which is another very pretty skin release by Hlin Bluebird and well worth a look especially if you fell in love with the gift which was released a little while go (and I saw was still available today).

I then popped to Mstyle to find some shoes which I could use to co-ordinate my look with and found this cute yellow pair of pumps! After a visit to Je::Suis my look was complete accessories wise and I just had to find some hair.

I dug in to my Hair Fair 2011 folder and grabbed the Our Deal hair from !lamb in a blonde shade as I thought it was quite beach ready.

My pose is by Infatuation Poses and was available for sale as part of the Grenade Wednesday sale at the Jersey Shore sim where some designers have put items out for less than $100L for today.

The final touch was a visit to the Australia sim where I had a look for some kangaroos. 😉

The Arty Shot

The Look

The Skin & Hair

The Accessories

The Top

The Shoes

Top: d. Select Tops tank yellow NEW
Skirt: *Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Black
Necklace: ::je suis::asymetrique::yellows::necklace
Bracelets: ::je suis…grande::greens
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Aureolin
Skin: Al Vulo! – pollon* pink 2 claveage Hb tan
Hair: !lamb. Our Deal – Honeycomb

.:IP:. -Vogue Pack 2.


About lexiabarzane

I'm from the UK, living in Australia but currently residing in Second Life! Love photography, shopping and spending time with my friends. Blogging my way around Second Life one outfit at a time!
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2 Responses to Project 365 Day Two Hundred and Eighty Three

  1. The Boyfriend says:

    hmmm, pumps at the rock, perhaps a good pair of thongs would be best in these parts

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