Project 365 Day One Hundred and Fourteen

I did it I started tidying my inventory. By started I mean that I almost got down to my outfits starting with the letter A.

Yes it took about two hours to get through the items with symbols like # at the start of their name.

This is how I ended up wearing the really sweet but kind of sassy bird tattoo on my chest!

I tried on the tattoo from Para Designs to decide which of my highly organised folders to store it in *coughs* and ended up leaving the tattoo make up layer on.

When it came to getting dressed for my shift at Sol this evening I decided the tattoo looked really good with my dress from vive9.

Unfortunately I had the usual problem with the prims on my boobs and this outfit didn’t come with re-size scripts which is a bit of a shame and a nightmare to edit so it all fits nicely.

I think it looks ok from the angle of my photo but would love a good re-size script in there.

I’m wearing one of my new hair purchases from Elikatira (which had been tidied away so of course I couldn’t find it!) which is a nicely put together French plait at the back to complete the top half of my look.

My shoes, oh my where to start! They are the new new new release from Pixel Mode and it’s hard to express just how lovely they are so instead I will say you just have to go down and pick them up!!!

Wow I had a lot to say today!!!

Unedited & Cropped

Tattoo Close Up


Dress: .: Vive9 :. Pouff Pardon – Black Stripe
Shoes: [PM] Lady T : Gloss : True Black
Hair : [e] Later – Brown 10 [elikatira]
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – deep blue see
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Love Birds Tattoo
Skin: -Belleza- Erika Med group gift

[LAP] – Poofy Dress Pls

About lexiabarzane

I'm from the UK, living in Australia but currently residing in Second Life! Love photography, shopping and spending time with my friends. Blogging my way around Second Life one outfit at a time!
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