Project 365 Day One Hundred and Nine

Today I planned to tidy the inventory (it really is in a terrible state and I wish I could pay someone to tidy it for me).

I have a folder of items I plan to blog but can’t find anything else that I have bought since ummmm November which was the time before my Christmas break that I had time of work and did some tidying (it’s getting serious now!).

I started trying things on, and pretty early on put the jacket I am wearing in my photo below on. That sort of got me a little bit inspired for the rest of the outfit.

I think the pattern of the jacket is just adorable and the jacket comes with the scarf which is just perfect.

Next up I selected my fave shorts in the whole of SL from Maitreya (which conveniently come with pants layer that can be worn with or without the prim attachments).

The tights are a new release by Peqe and then I chose one of my vests from which are just perfect with all kinds of outfits.

The only trouble with the combination of layers in SL means that if you wear a top which needs the panties underwear layer you can’t combine it with tights…. this is the reason for the belt although I do think it looks good.

I am so pleased that designers who make tights, leggings etc are including a tattoo layer which gets over this problem but until then we sometimes have to give up one item or another for our outfits.

And finally I have to mention the shoes from Peqe because they are simply divine (o-m-g shews) I chose bright pink because they are just hot hot hot, love them!!!

Cropped & Unedited

Jacket: Peqe – Flowery Jacket_Blue
Vest: fri. – Layering.Tank – V (Pink)
Short: Maitreya Jeans Shorts – Vintage Blue
Shoes: Peqe – G Wedge_Hot Pink
Tights: Peqe – Blender Tights
Belt: (osakki) Leather Snakeskin Belt; [ Mocha ]
Hair: [ 69 ] RIDE – Dark Ash Brown

/me catwalks runway (/me catwalks 12)

About lexiabarzane

I'm from the UK, living in Australia but currently residing in Second Life! Love photography, shopping and spending time with my friends. Blogging my way around Second Life one outfit at a time!
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