Project 365 Day Sixty One

The 3rd Peace on Earth Hunt has now begun and we have until the 3rd January 2011 to hop over the grid and find the gifts that are out in the various stores.

You can see access the Hunt’s blog here Peace on Earth Hunt

I haven’t really got started on the hunt yet but I got a bit of an advance preview of my friend Atiya from Affliction Clothes and Addiction Jewelry’s gift whilst she was creating it.

It’s a beautiful Snowflake ring made up of a wapping 253 individual prims and it is just stunning.

I live in Atiya’s jewellery as its all individually crafted with love and care and it really shows in each item.

When Atiya showed me her gift item for the hunt before putting out her globe, I couldn’t believe it was going to be free just from the level of detail and how pretty it is.

You really need to see it up close and should rush to number 99 in the hunt so you can pick up your gift and show it of with your favourite cocktail dress.

Close Up of the Ring

Ring: Addiction Diamond Snowflake Coctail Ring POE3
Dress: {Gisaci} Verbena Dress – Ivory
Hair: >TRUTH< Aloha – chocolate
Make Up: Cheap Makeup- Miss Priss Lipgloss 1 (clear)
[[Mozz]] Lashes- 01
Kyoot Makeup- Feline (Wine Berry)
Miami_LesMakeups_Eyeliner 02

(with love & squalor) night time

About lexiabarzane

I'm from the UK, living in Australia but currently residing in Second Life! Love photography, shopping and spending time with my friends. Blogging my way around Second Life one outfit at a time!
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